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Wire Harness & Cable Harness Manufacturers

Actenn Electronics has been a premier custom cable and design manufacturer for over 10 years, known for delivering high-quality solutions. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and problem-solving team are well-versed, experienced, and prepared to support you from the inception of your project. Drawing on our extensive experience in manufacturing cable assemblies and connectivity products, we cater not only to computers and networking communications but also to the high-reliability devices used in Defense, Aerospace, Industrial Electronics, Transportation, Medical, Oil Exploration, automotive, and Marine Exploration Industries.

Our product designs are tailored to withstand high vibrations and extremes of thermal and mechanical shock. Acteen Electronics is well-equipped to handle small, medium, and large volume jobs with an unwavering focus on quality and service that sets us apart in the industry. Furthermore, our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering teams are fully dedicated to a zero-defect quality program, ensuring the highest quality workmanship available.

Following Products & Services We Offer:

Military Defense Wire harnesses and Cables
Electrical Distribution Panels & Assemblies
Gaming Machine
Switchboard Assemblies
Contract and Program Management
Audio and Video cable assemblies
Military Ground Support
Black Box applications
Coaxial cable assemblies
Coil cord assemblies
Custom cable assemblies

DIN and Mini DIN connector assemblies
Marine & Offshore Terminations
Discrete wire harnesses
Fan wiring assemblies
Contract Kitting and Testing
Electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies
Electro-Mechanical assemblies
Transportation industry wire harnesses
Micro-miniature connector assemblies
Medical wiring assemblies
Molded cable assemblies