Defense Optics and Fiber Technology

Automotive cables play a crucial role in vehicles, serving as essential components that facilitate power distribution, control mechanisms, signal transmission, and data communication for various systems and equipment within the vehicle. This encompasses critical safety systems like ABS. These cables function as extension cables, enabling seamless connectivity throughout the vehicle.

Actenn Electronics specializes in providing wire and cable products tailored for both commercial and recreational vehicles, ensuring durability in challenging conditions and exposure to harsh substances such as heat, mechanical stresses, chemicals, moisture, and oil. The cables offered by Actenn Electronics are designed as multicore cables to enhance their versatility and functionality.

Actenn Electronics offers the capability to design custom cable assemblies based on customer specifications. The company can provide customers with a comprehensive design and test package to meet their unique requirements. Alternatively, Actenn Electronics can fabricate assemblies based on drawings provided by the customer, ensuring a flexible and tailored approach to meeting the diverse needs of their clientele.

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