Enhance your operational efficiency, reduce raw material and work in process inventories, and optimize floor space utilization with our turnkey solution, ready for seamless installation. Entrust Actenn Electronics to handle what we excel at, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. Our consistent recognition by satisfied customers reflects our commitment to delivering top-notch electrical control panel assembly and box build assembly solutions. By choosing Actenn Electronics, our clients experience cost reduction, improved quality, enhanced reliability, superior performance, increased productivity, and improved manufacturability, ultimately gaining a competitive edge.

We take pride in our ability to get it right the first time and ensure on-time deliveries, consistently meeting customer expectations. Actenn Electronics offers full-service contract manufacturing for industrial control panel assembly and box build assembly, providing a comprehensive range of services, including:

1. Design and Engineering Services: Assistance with concepts, layout, tooling, and material selection for efficient and reliable manufacturability at the lowest cost. Prototypes and samples are provided for design validation and testing, meeting specified deadlines.

2. Supply Chain Management: Comprehensive turnkey solutions with worldwide component sourcing, detailed material planning, logistics, and inventory management through various programs such as VMI, Kanban, JIT, and custom stocking.

3. Assembly and Certification: Adherence to UL, CSA, ISO, and IPC standards, ensuring compliance and quality assurance.

4. Dedicated Work Cells: Focused work cells dedicated to your product and project, with the flexibility to respond promptly to schedule changes and fluctuations in demand.

5. Testing and Verification: Rigorous testing, including electrical continuity testing, electrical testing, and simulated functional testing, to ensure product reliability.

6. Offshore Manufacturing Assistance: Optional support for high-volume and labor-intensive control panel assembly through offshore manufacturing.

7. Program Management: Effective program management to streamline the entire process from concept to delivery.

Whether you have a ready-made design or require assistance from concept to delivery, Actenn Electronics' experienced engineering and development team is ready to meet your electrical control panel assembly or custom box build assembly needs.

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