Actenn Electronics' Distribution Switchboards, including the Main LV Switchboard (MLVS), play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability of electrical installations. These switchboards adhere strictly to established standards governing the design and construction of LV switchgear assemblies.

Functioning as the point where incoming power supply branches into separate circuits, each under the control and protection of the switchboard's fuses or switchgear, a distribution switchboard is divided into distinct functional units. Each unit incorporates all the necessary electrical and mechanical elements to fulfill a specific function, making it a crucial link in the chain of dependability. Actenn Electronics' distribution switchboards are meticulously designed to suit their intended applications, adhering to relevant standards and industry practices. The enclosure of our distribution switchboards provides dual protection, reinforcing their reliability.

Actenn Electronics offers the flexibility of custom solutions tailored to customer specifications, providing a comprehensive design and test package. Alternatively, assemblies can be seamlessly fabricated based on customer-provided drawings, showcasing our commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

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